Our wedding day… It is indeed the happiest moment of our lives; one we eagerly look forward too. But, ask a new bride about those two days before the grand occasion, about the thoughts and emotions that ran through her mind. The inner picture she relates is totally different from the outer “all-smiles” one.

The anxiety and jitters slowly take over. In a matter of only a few hours her life would change. She is desperate to get her beauty sleep, but all she does is toss and turn in bed with visuals and thoughts of her big day. And there’s only desire ‘I hope everything goes well’.

For this reason, I always suggest spending the night before your wedding with your near and dear ones indulging in fun activities rather than alone. It keeps your mind of things. So, what could you do? You can find out below.


1. Host a Slumber Party

Slumber party with your bridemaids and 6 exciting things to do the night before your wedding

This is the first and most exciting thing to do. You could invite your bridesmaids, close cousins and friends to a sleepover party. You’ll can share secrets, talk about past crushes or play the most popular slumber party game “Truth and Dare”. You can order food and desserts from out. However, keep alcohol out of the venue for you don’t want to ruin your wedding pictures with red puffy eyes. Also, remember to wind up early because it is you who need good sleep and not the other guests.


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