The battle of the hair and the comb is one you witness very morning. But, for those with tangled hair it becomes their worst nightmare. If you’re one of them, I am sure you detest running the comb through your hair for the fear of it getting stuck midway.

Tangled hair is definitely the most difficult to deal with it. You’ve just finished combing it out and there are a few more knots waiting to be undone. As a last resort, many women prefer to have their tresses chopped in order to make their hair more manageable. But friends, that’s not the best solution and neither is it going to put a full stop to your hair woes. The real solution is identifying the culprits for the innumerable tangles and taming them.

One of the main causes for tangled hair is dry hair. Dry hair has a tendency to tangle faster. In addition to this, split ends and friction are other culprits for knotty hair.

1. Conditioner- It’s a must for Tangled Hair

It's a 10 Miracle -Deep Conditioner Plus Keratin
It’s a 10 Miracle – Deep Conditioner Plus Keratin

You may shampoo your hair regularly but, dry tangled hair does not need shampoo more than it needs the conditioner. After you have finished shampooing, use a good moisturizing conditioner. Conditioner makes the hair less prone to tangles. Leave the conditioner for at least 5 minutes before you can rinse it. While the conditioner works on your hair, run a wide toothed comb through it. Do the same when you rinse it. The last rinse should preferably be cold water. If despite this, the tangles do not lessen, you should use a leave-in-conditioner.

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